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WordPress Glitch: Resolve Update Error Swiftly

Encountering a WordPress update error can disrupt site operations, necessitating swift resolution to maintain online presence seamlessly. Understanding the root cause of the error and implementing important measures are essential steps in ensuring a quick fix. By exploring troubleshooting techniques and leveraging specialized tools, web administrators can navigate through these glitches efficiently. The ability to resolve update errors promptly not only minimizes downtime but also showcases adept WordPress management skills, ultimately contributing to a smoother website experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Utilize WordPress Debugging and server logs for issue pinpointing.
  • Clear browser cache to resolve update errors promptly.
  • Employ troubleshooting techniques for efficient error resolution.
  • Familiarize with common errors like 'Another Update is Currently in Progress.'
  • Utilize plugins like 'Fix Another Update In Progress' for swift solutions.

Causes of Update Error

The occurrence of the 'Another Update is Currently in Progress' error in WordPress is primarily attributed to the automatic update feature triggering database locks during core file updates. Common error messages associated with this issue include notifications stating that another update process is already running, preventing new updates from initiating.

Troubleshooting techniques involve checking server status for any ongoing maintenance activities that could be causing conflicts. Additionally, ensuring that the server has enough resources to handle updates promptly can prevent this error from arising.

Understanding these root causes and being proactive in managing updates can help in resolving the issue swiftly and maintaining a smoothly running WordPress site.

Fixing Error With Plugin

Utilizing a dedicated plugin streamlines the resolution process for the encountered WordPress update error swiftly. When fixing errors with plugins, consider the following:

  • Confirm plugin compatibility with your WordPress version.
  • Utilize the plugin for efficient error troubleshooting.
  • Regularly update the plugin to maintain effectiveness.

With these steps, users can quickly address update errors, maintain website functionality, and minimize downtime. Remember, choosing the right plugin and staying informed about its updates are important for efficient error resolution.

Resolve Error Through Phpmyadmin

Accessing the phpMyAdmin tool in your cPanel dashboard enables direct entry to the WordPress database for quickly resolving the encountered update error. In cases of database troubleshooting or server issues causing the 'Another Update is Currently in Progress' error, phpMyAdmin offers a straightforward solution.

By logging into your cPanel hosting account, moving to phpMyAdmin, and selecting the WordPress database, you can locate the 'core_updater.lock' row. Deleting this row will automatically remove the error notice, allowing your site updates to resume smoothly.

This method guarantees a swift resolution without the need for manual database intervention, making it an efficient way to address the encountered WordPress update error.

Quick Resolution Tips

Implementing quick fixes can expedite the resolution of the encountered WordPress update error. To improve efficiency and employ troubleshooting techniques, consider the following tips:

  • Utilize WordPress Debugging: Enable debugging to pinpoint the exact issue and resolve it swiftly.
  • Check Server Logs: Review server logs for any errors that could be causing the update problem.
  • Clear Browser Cache: Clearing the browser cache can sometimes resolve update errors caused by cached data conflicts.

Enhancing WordPress Proficiency

How can one streamline their proficiency in using WordPress to enhance website management and optimization effectively?

Improving skills in WordPress involves mastering troubleshooting techniques to swiftly address any issues that may arise. By familiarizing oneself with common errors like the 'Another Update is Currently in Progress' glitch, users can efficiently navigate through solutions such as utilizing plugins like 'Fix Another Update In Progress' or accessing phpMyAdmin for manual interventions.

Practicing patience, understanding core WordPress functionalities, and learning from encountered errors are key steps towards enhancing WordPress proficiency. Regularly updating knowledge on troubleshooting methods and staying informed about new features can further boost expertise in effectively managing and optimizing WordPress websites.


In the ever-evolving world of WordPress, encountering update errors is a common challenge. By identifying the causes of these errors and using proactive measures to resolve them swiftly, website owners can guarantee smooth operation and minimal downtime.

With the right tools and techniques at hand, moving through update errors becomes a seamless process, enhancing overall WordPress proficiency and website performance. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and keep your website running smoothly.

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