Website Care Services

Don’t have time to update your website? No idea how to maintain a website? No Problem!

When you’re already so busy running your business, when will you find the time to maintain your website? Seriously? Your website needs to stay updated to prevent hacking attempts, you need plugins and themes updated to keep working properly, and when technologies change, are you keeping up? This month to month plan let’s you focus on your offline business, while I keep your website updated, maintained, and online. 



Webmaster Services FAQ

A webmaster is someone who is an expert in a particular digital technology like web design, website maintenance, and or WordPress development. A webmaster will update plugins, themes, HTML coding, work with web hosting companies, domain DNS configurations, email accounts and more.

For an example, I myself would be considered a webmaster as I build websites, troubleshoot websites, and also can keep a website maintained. 

So when a company or business owner hires me, I can keep their website up and running with no issues.

A webmaster will perform many actions as needed by the company who they work for. These duties can include updating website coding, updating WordPress plugins and themes, preventing hackers from accessing a website, uploading images, uploading content for blog posts, and client specific needs.

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