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SEMrush Review



When you need more leads, give more quotes, and increase your sales, then you need SEMrush!

As a digital marketing agency owner, this is my go to #1 SEO tool for my clients. 

Why SEMrush? Because you can track your companies rankings online, backlinks, keywords, and so much more. You can spy on your competition, get social media help, and even get page optimization suggestions!

Basically, this one tool could save you $100’s, if not $1000’s a month. How? Because you could fire your SEO or digital agency and basically use this tool to replace them. 

Now of course you would need to still do the on page changes, but that’s why your here on my website (Chris Heidlebaugh), so I can help digital diyers like yourself take control of your online success! You can even call me at 833-DIY-CHRIS with your question about SEMrush or your SEO needs.



When you first get started with SEMrush, you get an easy to follow walkthrough of what to setup. You will be prompted to crawl your website, setup your ideal keywords, competition, and various tracking questions.

You will know right away the health of your website and immediate improvements needed. 

Then you could easily spend hours right away researching keywords, competitors, backlink profiles and more.

I gave this a 4.9 rating for Ease of Use for DIYers as I feel that no matter if your a website beginner or an SEO expert, the easy to follow steps are foolproof. But for the brand new, never seen a line of code type of person, it will take a bit of time just to process all of the amazing information. You will be blown away by so much knowledge! 


The dashboard for SEMrush has been  thought out! It’s ease to follow, great colors to let you know there is an issue or improvement, and even easily to download or email reports. 

I rated this 5 stars as it’s great looking and easy to follow.


Would you rather pay $2500 a month for search engine optimization reporting and services or $99?

Now if your on a tight budget, take advantage of my affiliate relationship and get a 7 day FREE trial of SEMrush to get an idea of your websites health, rankings, and competition. Learn what you need for 7 days and then decide later on if you need it. I’m confident you will see how for a low price each month, you can be your own #DigitalDIYer and take control of your online success!

I rated this a 5 star rating as the FREE 7 day trial is great and then the low monthly price is unbeatable.


Now I’m not an amateur with SEMrush by any means, but I can say that I have needed help a time or two. Even if it was to offer a suggestion, I was pleased.

The customer service is perfect! They actually care about your needs and listen to your suggestions. In fact I think I have written in to them about 5 times, and every time I have gotten back an email that day.

When your new to any sort of software, your going to have questions. They have a great library of helpful tutorials, and of course you have me for help ❤, but the SEMrush staff are polite, compassionate, and on top of customer service?

I rated their customer service a 5 star rating because they rock!

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