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Need a Professional Second Opinion on your Digital Marketing?

Not everyone is a professional in websites and digital marketing. This is why I offer an unbiased, paid second opinion solution. Meaning: I’m not here to sell you my individual services, you are paying me to give you an honest opinion of your website, SEO, & social media health. We will look at a quote or report sheet to see if you are getting a professional deal or getting scammed. Not getting any SEO traffic after months of paying? Got a huge quote for a website design? Let’s look at what’s going on and see if you are being ripped off.

I will also work with you and listen to your specific client needs. Maybe it’s for a court case, maybe an employee is not doing their job, or maybe you feel like a company is ripping you off.

Maybe you got a bid of some crazy amount for web design or SEO, if you are not a website or digital marketing expert yourself, who can you trust to tell you the brutally honest truth? Me!

For only $197, I will prepare for you a 45 minute to hour long video presentation that incorporates screen capturing software to show you audit results and walk you through what I see. So even if you have no idea about web design, SEO, social media, or technical computer jargon, once you watch the final video, you will understand my findings with no difficulties!

This is perfect even for accountability. Say you are an owner that everyone says Yes to! Everyone agrees with you. No one would ever disagree with you. 

You deserve to know the truth, not sugar coated or watered down explanations. I’m the guy who will walk beside you and help you, not agree with everything you say just because you are the owner. 

So when you are ready for an honest evaluation of your website, SEO, social media, quotes, or services, hire me for a professional second opinion!



Second Opinion FAQ

If you were putting your physical health in the hands of one doctor, then you probably need to make sure you trust them right. If not, then you would get multiple opinions to make sure what the doctor is saying is correct. 

Your digital health is the same way. 

You need the person or company who is working on your website and digital health to know what they are doing.

Also, a second opinion keeps digital marketers honest. 

Are they promising you something that they cannot fulfill? Are they charging too much or not enough? Do you feel like you cannot trust them?

No worries! I’m here to give you honest and ethical advice to make sure you know the truth. 

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