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When you’re wanting to grow your business, being online is a huge piece of that growth strategy. I want to help you make the digital decisions you need to grow or expand your business.

When you work with me, you get honest, real world strategies that are focused on helping you succeed. You don’t get sugar coated, yes just to please the owner answers. You deserve someone who will be bold enough to tell you the truth and share ideas that may go against what others have told you. I would rather be honest and not get your business than to tell you what you want to hear just to make a buck.

With nearly 20 years of digital marketing experience, a college professor, and an entrepreneur myself, I have seen and done a lot!

I would love to come along side you and listen to your visions and plans and see how we can develop a strategy for ultimate online success. 



Consulting FAQ

SEO = Search Engine Optimization – is the art and science of optimizing a website to not only showcase the products, services, and or events of the business, but to also share the information of the website to the search engines like Google and Bing. 

By doing keyword research and choosing keywords based on search volumes and difficulty, as a professional SEO expert, I work directly with the business representatives to choose the money keywords that will increase your leads, quotes, and ultimately profits. 

People do not use phone books anymore. So you must get found online or be invisible. I want to help you not only become visible, but also dominate your industry and target market area. 

Each and every SEO agency, firm, or freelancer will charge what they believe is fair for their services. Although what is fair to the respective parties and what is realistic expectations is where things get weird fast. When you get an SEO cost quote, is it too high or too low? What are you getting for the price? Does the company share the prices transparently online or must you cal or email for a quote?

There can be many variations to SEO packages. So make sure you not only know what your getting with each SEO service provider, but also can you work month to month to keep the company honest?

Through the years I have seen SEO prices between a few hundred dollars up to $10,000 a month. A lot of the SEO cost differences should come at no surprise with the size of your website, experience of the SEO provider, and of course the location of your SEO provider.

If you need a second opinion and or an honest and fair search engine optimization price quote from me, just call me at 833-349-2474


And truthfully if any company tries to say they can guarantee you the #1 spot on Google, I would have to say that they are not Google and when Google changes their algorithms when they want, this means Google is always changing which results in constant changes and uncertainty. 

Now to be fair, I strive for each and every client I work with to become #1 on Google and all of the search engines. But to guarantee #1 for any length of time would be lying to a customer.

When you start to manipulate Google through black hat SEO or deceptive SEO practices, this is a great way to get your website removed, deindexed, or penalized. 

So I say strive for #1 on Google using honest, ethical, and transparent SEO practices and earn your spot with dignity.


I want to be held accountable. If I do not serve you well, fire me. That’s right! I’m so confident in my services that I do not want you to sign a 6 month or year long contract with me. I want to earn your business through transparency.

With nearly 20 years of experience, I have helped companies & people in nearly every industry all over the world succeed online.

So should you sign a locked in, long term contract with an SEO expert or SEO agency? Sure… If you trust and truly want to work with the SEO provider.

I myself have worked with companies for years by proving services month by month with no locked in contracts. Why? Because you deserve someone who works hard for you day after day, month after month knowing that success is critical!

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