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What is Slug in SEO?

What is Slug in SEO?

Quick Definition:

What is Slug in SEO?

SEO is an essential part of a business website, as it helps them rank better and increase their visibility.

To understand Slug, you must understand the URL. A URL is also known as Uniform Resource Locator, is simply a web address of a page. Every website has a different URL. For example, https://www.youtube.com/ is a URL.

Now moving on to Slug. Slug is a part of a URL that helps users identify what specific web page they are currently on. Or what is the content of a specific page is related to. Slug is the term that comes after the part in a URL. 


What are WordPress Slugs?

WordPress slugs are part of a URL of a WordPress website. Generally, the WordPress slugs are numbers instead of text, and they are deemed convenient by the users. But you can edit WordPress slugs by going to Permalink Settings. The best method to do this is by clicking on the post name. Most professional websites have a post name as their slugs which is user-friendly. 


What is the importance of Slugs?

Slugs play a vital role in increasing the ranking of your website. Search engines like Google and Bing, in general, read the slug of websites. It helps search engines identify what the page content is. Google ranks your website related to the relevancy of your content. The more relevant your slug is, the more your website will rank better. 


In addition to this, Slugs also help users identify what the content of a page is about. Based on the slugs, users can know whether they are on the right page or want a specific piece of information or not. 


Having user-friendly slugs help your website to be more user-friendly. And the more user-friendly your website is, the better it will rank in Google’s displayed results. 

For your website to rank better in Google’s top results, you must optimize your Slugs.

How to optimize slugs?

Some of the ways by which you can optimize your website slugs are specified below. 


  • Get rid of unnecessary words

To optimize the Slug of your website, make sure to get rid of unnecessary words, particularly stop keywords. Stop words only lengthen your Slugs and are of no value. They decrease the appearance of your slug and aren’t user-friendly. To help your users understand better what the content is, you must get rid of stop words. 


  • Include title-specific keywords

Use the same keywords in the slug of your website that you use in your blog or article title. It will remove any persisting confusion among your audience. And will help Google identify the keywords you want to rank for. 


  • Use dashes to separate the keywords within your slug

Using dashes to separate your keywords will help users clearly identify what the content is about. And it also looks visually comforting and pleasing. 


The above-specified are all the things that you must know about what is Slug in SEO. 


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