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What is Sitemap and How to Submit It?

What is Sitemap and How to Submit It?

Quick Definition:

What is Sitemap?

To understand what is Sitemap, you must understand what is a crawler. A crawler is a bot that checks your website and the content to index the data present in a website. A Sitemap helps the crawlers of different search engines to help find URLs or web addresses of your content. A Sitemap is an XML file that helps us to properly define the structure of our website, and tell it to crawlers.

Without Sitemaps, the structure of your website is improper, which can lead crawlers to make irrelevant connections between your existing web pages. A well-defined structure makes the crawler easy to find your content.

The better the crawlers of different search engines can examine your content, the better your site will rank in the search results. Think of Sitemap as an index, or a map of your complete website, which makes the crawling process easy. After creating a Sitemap, you have to submit it to Google, so it can index your website and display it.


Different types of sitemaps

There are two different types of sitemaps. They are:

XML sitemaps

XML sitemaps are sitemaps that are developed to ease the crawling process. These sitemaps provide a clear path to the crawler through which it can extract all the valuable information of your website.

HTML sitemaps

HTML sitemaps are sitemaps that help users to find the page they are looking for. HTML sitemap makes the navigation process easy. And this is considered user-friendly by the users on your website.

An online sitemap generator is used for traditional websites. The sitemaps generated by the online sitemap generator are submitted to the Google search console and Bing’s webmaster tools. For WordPress websites plugins are used that automatically update your sitemaps.

How to submit a sitemap?

To submit your sitemaps on Google Search Console, you must follow the below-specified steps.

Step 1: Sign in to Google Search Console.

Step 2: After signing in to your Google Search Console, locate the sidebar. After locating, select your website.

Step 3: Choose Sitemaps from the sidebar under the index section. Make sure to drop down the Index section to see the sitemaps option.

Step 4: Enter your sitemap URL. To do this, go to Add a new sitemap and then enter the URL of your sitemap. The URL will contain. XML in the end.

Step 5: Click submit.

Before following the above-specified steps, make sure that your Google browser is updated, otherwise, you would have trouble submitting your sitemaps.


The above-specified are all the things that you must know about sitemaps. A step-by-step process is also listed to help you submit your sitemaps to Google Search Console.

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