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What is Manual Pentalty in SEO?

What is Manual Pentalty in SEO?

Quick Definition:

What is the manual penalty?

The manual penalty can be dangerous for the ranking of the website. It can block your website or can also cause severe damage to it. You have to know all about manual penalty and how you can avoid it in order to make your website successful.

A manual penalty is one of the common mistakes that SEO writers make. If the writer is new in the field and does not know anything about Google’s terms and conditions, it can likely be violated. If there is any violation according to Google terms and conditions, it is called a manual penalty. Google can take strict action against your website and can also remove the content from it.


Algorithm change

The algorithm change is the main reason for the manual penalty. Some of the SEO writers want to change the algorithm of websites to gain a higher ranking. If you want to change the algorithm of your website, it is very important to consider all the terms and conditions of Google. The SEO writers should be aware of the terms and conditions, and they should give a detailed read to the rules and regulations of Google. This is one of the ways in which manual penalties can be avoided by SEO writers.

Who issues the manual penalty?

A manual penalty is issued by a human reviewer who views the content available on Google. If he finds that any of the content is not according to the guidelines of Google, he can impact a manual penalty on it. It can be removed from the website, and the website owner will also have to make amendments to his website to make it according to the guidelines of Google. When you are hiring SEO writers, make sure that they are well aware of this point because it can make your website suffer a lot.

What can you do about it?

You can file a consideration request after making amendments to your content and website. This will make Google review your corrections, and if it is according to the rules and regulations of Google, they will uplift the penalty from your website. You can also contact the management of Google to get guidelines if you are facing such a situation.


 Manual penalty in SEO is issued if you have violated the rules and regulations of Google authorities. It is important to know all about Google’s rule

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