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What is a CDN?

What is a CDN?

Quick Definition:

What is a CDN?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It is one of the most crucial aspects of a business. Many digital marketers, particularly novice ones, are always asking what a CDN is. CDN is a group of servers that accelerates the internet content delivery process.


An insight into What is a CDN?

CDN helps to deliver media, including images, videos, and more at a fast rate. CDN is a system that allows web pages to load faster while minimizing the delay.

Using a CDN is compulsory if you have your website. Many social media platforms use CDN. CDN works together to make sure that the HTML pages and necessary scripts load without experiencing any lag.

  • Moreover, CDN is a “geographically distributed” platform, or you can use a system which allows users to upload all their website media content into its network.
  • It reduces the physical distance between users and the source server.

Without CDN, website hosts would serve all their media content, including videos, images, texts, and more from their single server. Moreover, without CDN, a single hosting server would have to respond to multiple end-user requests. It would make the server lag and would hurt the user experience of a website.

How does a CDN work?

You might be thinking that CDN is a hosting platform. But in reality, it is drastically different. A CDN’s primary goal is to improve the latency of web pages and websites. Latency refers to the delay that occurs between users’ requests to view the web pages and the time in which the web pages load.

  • CDN reduces latency by reducing the physical distance between users and the hosting server. For this, CDN uses a cached content of a website.
  • The cached media content is stored in points of presence from which they are distributed to the audience.
  • Points of presence are nothing but geographically distributed servers all across the globe.

It allows website developers to reduce the load on their servers and deliver high-quality content to the users irrespective of their location. CDN also reduces cost, and thus it is deemed convenient by many website owners all across the globe.

Why use a CDN?

CDN offers numerous advantages to companies, including advertising, mobile, and more. Some of the reasons that why you should use a CDN are specified below.

Improve the load speed of web pages

As mentioned earlier, CDN reduces the physical distance between the end-user and hosting server, users experience faster loading time of numerous web pages.

Reduces the load on the hosting server

As the internet content is distributed via points of presence, it reduces the overall traffic (load) on the hosting server. Less load on the server makes sure that the hosting server doesn’t crash.

It helps reduce bandwidth costs

As CDN stores the cached media content, it highly reduces companies to reduce their bandwidth consumption. Thus, it reduces the overall bandwidth costs.

The above-specified are all the things you must know about what a CDN is.

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