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What are Tags and Meta Description and Slug?

What are Tags and Meta Description and Slug?

Quick Definition:

What are Tags, Meta Description, and Slug?

Tags are basically the code elements with your web page’s backend but these are also some specific symbols that provide search engines the key information for SERP display. A meta description consists of texts that will provide a brief overview of your webpage to both users and search engines.

A slug is a part of your URL that comes after the domain name and provides identification of a specific page on your website in an easier-to-read format. In simpler words, a slug is the part of your URL that can explain the content of the page.


Why are tags important?

Tags are the elements that can highlight different parts of your webpage content that are relevant for the search. These tags can describe those specific elements to the crawlers. Ultimately, you will be able to display the most relevant information as per search queries.

Importance of using the meta description

Your meta description is an important part to attract more visitors to your site. It can even let you improve the performance of your web pages in search. It can serve your website in multiple ways including:

  • Meta description acts as a promo for your webpage. So, make it attractive to compel more people to click on this.
  • Create a well-optimized and properly defined meta description with the text that you feel best and most relevant to your content to increase your click-through rate.
  • Higher click-through rates acquired by well-optimized meta descriptions can lead to higher search rankings more effectively.

Why are slugs so important?

Wiring an optimized slug for your certain web page can affect your SEO positively. As it can let you do the things given below:

Include keywords in the URL

This is the major SEO benefit of writing slug. As you can change the words with your primary keywords for which you want to rank your certain webpage. This will be considered by Google to determine what this page is all about.

Create user-friendly URLs

URL is one of the common things people used to see in the search results. So, ensuring that your slug contains what people are expecting to see here is important. This will increase the likelihood of people clicking on your URL.

So, each of the above-mentioned elements is important for your website’s SEO. Therefore, make sure to add these properly to value your content in the best possible way.

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