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How To Market Your Wedding Venue Online?

The wedding day of any bride and groom is among the most important days for a couple, which is why they look for the best wedding venues near them or even at a destination. Even if you have the best wedding venue in your city, you may not get a lot of clients if you do not get your wedding venue marketing right. In this online era, so you must focus on digital and online marketing instead of traditional marketing practices. Phone books and snail mail does not work in this digital age of cellphones, metaverse, and Google.

So how do you market your wedding venue online?

The following are some of the top practices to market your wedding venue online.

Wedding Venue SEO must be your priority

Wedding Venue SEO is the first digital marketing practice that you need to do on your website. Most of the time, you are not getting any or very many customers from your website or digital marketing because when they search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo for such wedding venue services, they do not see your wedding venue in the top search results. When SEO for a wedding venue is done right, your wedding business can easily appear in the top organic search results and Google maps, which means better chances of getting more visitors to your website, which turns into more booked tours of your venue, price inquiries, and book dates.

If you’re doing your internet marketing on your own, start with keyword research and implement all other SEO strategies on your website to get the best performance from it, including:

  • Local SEO
  • User experience
  • Website performance
  • Image optimization
  • Metadata and title tags
  • Backlinking

If you decide to hire a wedding venue marketing company like ours, then we would do all of the work for you. It really comes down to if you have the time to perform the digital marketing work yourself or you have the money to hire a wedding venue marketing company.

Invest in a quality wedding venue website design

Your website is your new business card. So make sure to get quotes from at least 3 different wedding venue web designers to ensure you get a quality website at an affordable price. The content on your wedding venue website can also help you get more couples to view what your venue has to offer. By having a wedding venue picture gallery, venue information, a blog, and maybe even an available wedding date calendar and or pricing brochure will help potential bride and grooms trust your event venue even more. So make that content engaging and descriptive. While the web pages must hold all the information about your business and services, you must create a blog section where you post blogs regularly. This way, your website’s traffic will increase through blog posts that can target unique keywords for your city, services, and or both.

Invest in paid advertisements

If you have a new wedding venue or you simply have available dates that you need to fill up fast, you may consider investing in paid advertisement options. There are several paid advertisement options across different platforms. Some of your options are:

  • Social media ads like Facebook and Instagram
  • Video Ads
  • PPC Google ads

These paid ads increase your chances of reaching out to some of the most relevant target audiences you have. Thus, the chances of getting more customers also increase. For example, our company targets customers based on age, relationship status, and location to get them to your website.

Stay active across different social media platforms.

It’s fun for many wedding venue business owners to showcase amazing wedding dresses, ceremonies, photoshoots, and even the behind the scenes of weddings because they get to showcase their wedding expertise. By being active across social platforms, you will be able to connect with brides, grooms, parents, and their friends right from their ideal platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Once on these platforms, you can stay active by:

  • Posting relevant posts regularly
  • Using targeted keywords and hashtags
  • Engaging with people in the comments section
  • Answering all message queries

Doing so will bring direct and indirect digital marketing benefits.

Stay up to date with what couples want and wedding trends

When you are designing your online marketing strategy, you must look for the things that people want for their wedding. You can research the wedding search trends, and you will know what things couples are most interested in during all aspects of their marriage preparation. From the engagement to the rehearsal, provide tips, ideas, and services that cater to your target audiences needs and desires. Then set your marketing strategies according to the strategies you want to perform.

Using images and videos will help a lot.

Having a wedding venue business means you must show people what your place is capable of. So, get high-quality videos and images and post them across different platforms. This catalog of media content must stay up to date with all the latest images and videos to stay relevant. Showing media will also help you improve your web design, SEO, and online presence across different platforms.


Whether you’re starting your wedding venue business or looking to revise your wedding venue marketing strategies, in this always connected online world, digital marketing done the right way can be more fruitful than any other type of marketing. So, invest today in your wedding venue online marketing strategies for the best ROI in the future.

If you own or operate a wedding venue in the US and need help booking more weddings, consider hiring me, Chris Heidlebaugh for all of your wedding venue marketing needs. Give me a call today at 833-349-2474 or send me an email for custom a proposal > Request Proposal



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