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Hey DIY’ers! I’m Chris Heidlebaugh and welcome to my official website!

Throughout this website you will find a bunch of stuff that I have learned through my years playing on the internet.

Some topics include:

About Me?

Summary: I’m a simply guy. I wear plaid shirts, drink a ton of coffee, love my family & God, and I’m passionate about helping people. The end.


I have been online since the late 90’s when WebTv, chat rooms, and dial up AOL was cool. I started using Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage to build websites back in the day. It was great for the time, but now I use WordPress primarily. I have always been fascinated with being your own media company. So once I built and sold a few websites I started learning how to rank websites. Then I started to learn about better web design, social media, video, and basic digital marketing. I did everything DIY. When I needed to learn something I took Lynda classes or watched YouTube until I got it right.

Once I got something down, I learned something else. From podcasting and blogging to video editing and online course creation, I never stop learning. I’m a student of the internet.

Now many years later, I own a digital marketing and management agency and enjoy sharing my failures and successes along my journey with fellow solopreneurs and DIY’ers.

I have a Masters Degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in Cyber Security. You know like doing ethical hacking and penetration testing.

What’s next? Well now we have voice everything… Stay Tuned on my next chapter!



As mentioned already, I wear plaid shirts as it stands for who I am. I roll up my sleeves, put my nose down and I work. It’s all I know. I have never been afraid to work. Someone might be smarter than me, but I won’t be out worked. I’m always learning, applying, resetting, re-applying, and doing it all over with everything I do. It’s just me.

I’m blessed to have an amazing family. I have a loving, supportive wife and a super smart, amazing son.

I’m a Man of Faith. I never walk alone! I walk by faith, not by sight!

I’m a coffee addict and an avid dog lover.

A perfect day for me is waking up praising the Good Lord for another day with my family, the strength to work, the knowledge to help a stranger, and an evening walk with my family and dogs. What a great day!

That’s me! What about you?

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