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I stand firm on the foundation that Jesus Christ is My Lord and Savior. His blood has covered my life, and I choose to follow Him. As commanded, I will Love God and Love My Neighbor. So, I decide to be a servant leader to you. I care about your life and business online and offline. I’m here when you need me. First and foremost, I care about you as a person. And I want to help guide you in multiplying your talents and skills no matter your religious standpoint. 


I’m no one without my best friend, my love, my wife. We have been married since 2002. We have been through health challenges, chemo treatments, and a terminal diagnosis. From the days of nothing to the days of abundance, my wife has always been there beside me. I’m blessed to have a fantastic son. He is smart, funny, caring, loves music, and loves the Lord. I’m simply so blessed. I care about marriage and family so much because it’s a gift from God. No matter the money, fame, cars, houses, or stuff, family is so important. Please don’t put materialistic stuff above your family. If you have brokenness, please try to move towards forgiveness and reconciliation. This side of eternity is too short… don’t let another day end without the people you care about knowing that you love them. 



Professionally, I’ve been working with computers and internet marketing for over two decades. I love digital marketing. I’m so passionate about it that I can’t stop looking at websites and ways to help my clients. My client’s business success is like air for me to breathe. I truly care about you, your business, and your future self.