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✔️ I’m Chris Heidlebaugh and this is not one of those 3rd person types of bio’s where I sound cooler than I really am.

Basically I’m a simple guy: I love Jesus and Helping People Succeed Online!

Meaning: I help motivated individuals, business owners, and corporations take control of their online success by improving their web design, SEO, social media, video, podcasting, internet marketing, and other digital marketing related needs, all while honoring the Lord in my work and personal life. Jesus and my faith is not a business model, it is my life. 

❓ At this point your thinking I’m a weirdo or maybe… the type of guy you want to work with. Either way, now you know who Chris Heidlebaugh is!

So let’s continue…

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First & Foremost… Jesus is my Lord and Savior. He died on the cross for my sins and I will honor him through my life both personally and professionally.

I am a Proud Father, Loving Husband, & Dog Lover.

Professionally, I’m an author, speaker, professor, podcast host, and owner of a digital marketing agency.


► GET ONLINE – I create professional looking websites with WordPress to showcase a company’s products, services, or events in a positive light. I focus on creating a great user experience for your website’s visitors, all while keeping in mind site speed, security, and of course mobile friendliness.

► GET DISCOVERED – I specialize in search engine optimization (SEO), social media, video, podcasting, and other digital marketing avenues to help get your company found online.

► BUILD A BRAND – Every day you have the opportunity for someone to find you online. From digital branding to your reputation online, I help you become the industry leader, and not a follower!

📞 Call me (833) 349-2474

God Bless you and your Business ❤

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