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I’m Chris, a Christian Web Designer, SEO, & Digital Marketing Guy who Helps Small Businesses Succeed Online! Colossians 3:17🙏

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Having Website Issues?

This is one of the top questions I get, “How do I get more leads and sales online?” 

Now to be fair every business is different. One company may simply need a new website design using mobile friendly technologies & a great WordPress template. While another company has a great looking WordPress website, but it’s not optimized for the search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. So in this situation, we would perform on-page local search engine optimization (SEO) on your website to tell the search engines what you have to offer to your clients, what you sell, and what services people can purchase. For an example, when you look at your website in a browser, what does the page say at the top in the browser? Does it say something like “Homepage? Services? Page 1?” This is horrible and we will help your pages tell Google and the search engines exactly what your all about!

When you get found online, you get more leads, give more quotes, and ultimately get more sales!

We feel your pain! We hear this story every day, “Person gets a quote for a new website design for their small business and it’s anywhere between $3000 -$13,000!” 

We know that you’re not made of money. In fact that’s why you’re here, you can’t afford $5000 for a basic website. Why $5000? It seems like the average price for a basic WordPress website for many real estate agents, plumbers, attorneys, and construction companies is around $5000 based on what our clients have told us. This is absurd! Just because you’re successful or in a high profit industry, shouldn’t mean you have to pay more!

My agency and I charge a fair and honest price of $897 for a new web design. The only other costs are if you need web hosting, a domain name, or a specific WordPress theme. 

Even with one month of SEO services, you’re still only a fraction of the cost for a quality website from a company with 20 years of experience.

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I understand what your going through. You need someone that you can trust your website with including passwords, company information, trade secrets and more.

No worries. I’m fully insured, a college cyber security professor, author, speaker, and a bunch of other resume titles.

Bottom line: I want every client I work with to succeed like I need air to breathe!

Call us today for a FREE 100% No Obligation Consultation! (833) 349-2474

I hear the situation nearly every day: “I can type in my business domain name and find my business, yet no one can find my small business online without typing it in!”

This is a huge issue we hear from our small business friends. You have a great looking website, but it doesn’t matter how great your website is if no one can find it right? No worries!

Typically in this situation we see 2 things: #1, a client has had a website built thinking or lead to believe that all they need is a great website and the entire world will know they exist online and they will have more money than they will know what to do with. This is a myth.

Or #2, you have a great website, but you need search engine optimization (SEO). We see so many websites that the title tags say Homepage, Services, Page 1, or just basic page names. You really need to be able to tell the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo what your Colorado small business is all about. 

I guess there is a #3, you have had SEO services performed by a quality SEO expert or firm, but it’s been years, the SEO was bad, or the SEO costs were too much and now you’re behind.

Call us today for a FREE 100% No Obligation Consultation! (833) 349-2474

Let’s face it, you are good at what you do, not website development or local Search engine optimization right?

Stop worrying about it, that’s fine, I’m here to help.

You should be able to focus on your business, while I focus on helping your business look great online. Let’s say you own a restaurant, you should be able to focus on your amazing food, drinks, and hospitality, not Local SEO, WordPress development, or social media marketing. Let me take away your internet stress and become your #1 digital marketing guy!

Websites are touchy, you make one simple change and everything breaks. We know this can be frustrating. But no worries my new friend, I’m here to help!

From uploading WordPress plugins and themes to making coding changes and fixing hacked websites, we have the emergency website help that your small business needs. As a professional webmaster, I have the experience that has even created the tutorial videos for global WordPress theme & plugin companies. Call us today for all of your emergency website troubleshooting needs. 


Man of Faith

I’m very upfront that I pray for my clients, their employees, and families. I want God to uplift them, give them wisdom, and the strength to withstand the seasons in their lives. I live by Colossians 3:17 in my work and personal life with honor.


With over 15 years of digital training, I have worked with clients from around the world, in a vast variety of industries. From mom & pop shops to large organizations, I can provide you with the digital marketing skill sets to help you succeed.

Big Picture Guy

Because I build websites, do SEO, teach cyber security, and I’m also a consumer, I look at your business online with a big picture mentality. From your branding to the customer experience, I want your business to showcase what you have to offer and your story!

Ethical Strategies

My goal is to help you and your business succeed online. From local SEO to WordPress Web Design, I want to help you get the sales, leads, and exposure that your business deserves and needs to succeed online.

Affordable Prices

I believe in honest and fair prices. Some may consider my web design prices cheap, while others think my SEO prices are too low. Either way, I believe in treating people ethically and affordable prices are a key to that promise.

More Leads & Sales

With a quality website & solid SEO, you can expect better exposure online that should increase your leads, quotes, and ultimately sales. My digital marketing goals help you make more money long term.

20 Years Experience

Your business deserves the best in the industry, and while I won't claim to be #1, I will say that as an author, professor, speaker, cyber security professional, podcaster, web designer, SEO, SEM, and local business owner, I'm qualified!


Tell me about your website or digital marketing needs. ❤ Chris