I Help You "Take Control Of Your Online Success"!

Chris Heidlebaugh

Who is Chris Heidlebaugh?

Hey DIYers and fellow Solopreneurs! I'm Chris Heidlebaugh, and Welcome to my Official Website.

I teach digital marketing to DIYers. From DIY SEO and Web Design to Social Media and Video, I help you "Take Control of Your Online Success!"

On paper, I'm a blogger, podcaster, author, professor, and an owner of a digital marketing agency.

But my true hope is, by sharing my digital journey with you... maybe I can help you along your journey.

Personally, I'm simple: I love my family, I'm a Man of Faith, and I drink a lot of coffee! Want to be my friend?

What this Blog is all About?

When I needed to learn SEO, I taught myself. When I needed to learn web design, I taught myself. When I needed to learn... You get the point!

This blog is the result of my self taught journey. From the mistakes to the successes, I will share with you what I know about digital marketing, so that you can truly, "Take Control of Your Online Success!"

Feel free to ask me your questions. Suggest upcoming video topics. Share your online journey with me. And become my friend!

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