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Hi I'm Chris Heidlebaugh and although I wear many hats in business including Video Creator, Author, and Mentor, my foundation is solid! I'm passionate about helping people succeed online and in business through positivity. As for me, I'm a proud father, loving husband, man of faith and an avid dog lover. I can say without a doubt that my life is complete and fulfilled. I believe in giving value in all that I do and I'm honored to be considered a thought leader by my peers!

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Online Educator

I truly enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others who care to know or has the desire to learn. My current featured project is my DIY SEO Guy concept. Through my YouTube Channel I talk about SEO, Web Design, Social Media, Internet Marketing, and other important topics that allow you to take control of your online success.

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I love to read books. In fact I love to listen to books even more. But as an author, I have found a new joy that is unlike anything that I have done before. My first step into publishing has begun with my first book "Positive Leadership: How to Grow, Engage, and Lead Your Business… with Positivity!". Of course I have a few more inside waiting to be unleashed, but my ultimate writing goal is for one person to read my thoughts and transform into a positive leader in business, in life, an of themselves!

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As an owner of a Digital Marketing Agency, I know the joy of helping people succeed online through my various consulting and professional services. But the real excitement is when you hear the success stories from your clients and friends. From helping a mom and pop shop sell goods to support themselves to a small business going national, each person has a story, every business a mission, my passion is providing value!

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